Dog Grooming


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Groom Salon Hours:

Mon – Fri  8am – 6:30pm

Saturdays 10am – 5pm

Pricing: $50-$60 per hour, average*

*see pricing description below

Norma’s Corner is renowned for quality dog grooming and attentive care. My mother Norma has been grooming for over thirty years from her home in Pepperell, and I, Joe, have been with her for ten years or so. Norma is a master Scottish Terrier groomer, providing a level of excellence in pet and show grooming that draws Scottie owners from all over New England. She is also a skilled groomer of all breeds, and knowledgeable of temperaments, hereditary traits, and common ailments. I’m still a skilled bather, brusher,  and trimmer of most common breeds. Between the two of us we have thousands of dog grooming and handling experiences. Your beloved dogs can’t find much better care.

Pricing:  Our price to groom any dog averages between $50 to $60 per hour, and will increase past that based on the difficulty of the groom. This “difficulty” may include (but is not limited to) things such as unusually extensive brushing or de-matting, temperament trouble that requires muzzles or safety harnesses, dogs that are hard to handle because of age, injury, size, or medical conditions, and so on.

Standard grooming includes:

Bathing, drying, ear cleaning, nail trimming, shaving pads-of-feet clean, brushing and de-matting, finish-trim on those breeds that require it.

Tooth-brushing or nail-grinding will be an additional $10 fee.

Anal gland expression is typically considered a veterinary medical procedure, but it may be done here with us done at the discretion of the groomer, and is an additional $10 charge.

Soon to come: Pre-paid package options

Please feel free to reach us directly for more detailed information: (978) 523-7197

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